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Patient and Family Choice Award

Small victories and success stories inspire Haley Sullivan to be a better nurse each and every shift

By Nancy Humphrey

“As a nurse I always try to think about what I can do, even if it’s just something little that can make a difference to them, make them more comfortable, and keep them in the know about what’s going on with their situation.”

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Five Pillar Leader Award

For Ali Grubbs, leadership means mentoring and empowering every employee

By Matt Batcheldor

"My favorite part of this job is taking care of the people and engaging with our staff and helping them solve problems and achieve professional growth and development.”

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Credo Award Winner

Whittney Ransom brings infectious positivity and exemplary work to her pharmacy job. She tells jokes too.

By Nancy Humphrey

"Her level of commitment to her colleagues is amazing and something we should all strive for."

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Kathie Krause’s decades of commitment to infants, children and families honored with lifetime DAISY Award

By Christina Echegaray

Krause stepped off the elevator on the 8th floor of Monroe Carell and was greeted by about 40 nurses in a surprise ceremony. “They totally got me on this one,” she said.

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Elevate Team Award

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Protocol Team improves lives of hard-to-diagnose patients

By Jill Clendening

“The NPH Protocol exemplifies multiple disciplines working together to improve the lives of patients and their caregivers.”

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Credo Award Winner

“Mama Stella” Lochmiller brings softness and support to the PICU

By Danny Bonvissuto

A combination of professional experience and personal loss makes Lochmiller a Credo Award winner during the February 2023 Leadership Assembly.

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Health, yes

Stepping back is best for springing forward: tips for dealing with the beginning of daylight saving time

By Jessica Pasley

Go to bed a little earlier than usual. Take a good look at the morning sun when you get up.

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Photo Feature

New Vanderbilt University Hospital lobby: a first look

By Donn Jones

More than four decades after the opening of the "new" Vanderbilt University Hospital, the lobby gets a complete makeover

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In memoriam

Vanderbilt nursing legend Carl James dies at 75; remembered for his decades of service to patients and colleagues

By Wayne Wood

For more than 40 years he cared for countless patients and was also a mentor, counselor and guide to generations of new nurses coming to work at VUMC

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Credo Award Winner

Calm, cool and collected, Lamar Bowman shines in high-pressure situations

By Kathy Whitney

For his professionalism, kindness, patience and nursing skills, Bowman, assistant nurse manager, was recognized with a Credo Award.

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