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Employee Spotlight

The whitewater trip was a disaster. It motivated Renée Garside to become an expert kayaker.

By Jill Clendening

There’s no doubt she loves it, especially when she says things like: “I just love it, love it, love it.”

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Tales of VUMC Past

The Vanderbilt doctor who told his story of battling AIDS on “60 Minutes”

By Wayne Wood

He wrote a bestseller, was interviewed on "60 Minutes," and his story showed a more hopeful future for people infected with HIV

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Patient Spotlight

In 1994, Harold “Scottie” Scott’s HIV-positive status was covered on the local news. He has been an educator ever since.

By Kelsey Herbers

Now, 25 years after his announcement, Scott’s mission remains the same: to educate others on the history of HIV, dispel myths and break down stigma.

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VUMC in the Community

Katrina Robertson went from death’s door to a full life. Her story is one of thousands from the first 25 years of the Vanderbilt Comprehensive Care Clinic

By Wayne Wood

The VCCC opened its doors 25 years ago when AIDS was fatal and hope was rare. Today the clinic serves thousands of patients and is an international model in the treatment of people with HIV.

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