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Tag: Palliative Care

Patient Spotlight

Holding hands one more time: Compassion and collaboration allow couple to spend the most precious time together

By Jill Clendening

Virginia and Tommy Stevens, both 91, have been married 69 years and this was the time they needed each other the most. Compassionate problem-solving by the Palliative Care Unit and the Trauma Intensive Care Unit teams brought the loving couple together one more time.

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Credo Award Winner

Kristen Kerkhove aims to ease the transition home for palliative care patients

By Nancy Humphrey

“My goal is to make sure our patients have everything they need when they leave the hospital so they can spend their time focusing on what’s important to them.”

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Employee Spotlight

Music therapy comes to Palliative Care Unit

By Emily Stembridge

“Music opens many new perspectives and pathways that patients otherwise would not have."

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Employee Spotlight

A death or serious injury of a parent can mean a scared and bewildered child. Arielle Silverman helps children understand and cope.

By Wayne Wood

She has worked with children varying in age from under 2 years old to teenagers as old as 18.

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Employee Spotlight

Songs written by Palliative Care Unit caregivers reflect uncertain times and offer a reminder: “Take Good Care”

By Matt Batcheldor

Five songs providing a snapshot of how the pandemic year felt on the patient care front lines

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