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Tag: stroke

Employee Spotlight

A stroke left Kate Adamson trapped in her body, unable to communicate. Here’s how she recovered and became a VUMC social worker.

By Bill Snyder

"You can see and hear everything around you, but you appear dead. It is like being locked in a glass coffin.”

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Patient Spotlight

Stroke survivor with aphasia is able to vote, thanks to his speech-language pathologist

By Kate Carney

Sady Sayago believes that voting is an important part of being a citizen; he worked with Jennifer Barry to make sure he could cast his ballot.

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Patient Spotlight

Carly Schroeder had a stroke in her 20s. Now 10 years later, she is thankful for her life, her family and the care she received at Vanderbilt

By Tavia Smith

"I'm eternally grateful to all the people that helped me through that dark time."

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