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Tag: Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network (VHAN)

Five Pillar Leader Award

Terri Brady is driven to improve mental health services for children

By Nancy Humphrey

"When you get up every day and know the work you do matters, and the people you work with feel the same way, it’s pretty easy to be inspired.”

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Credo Award Winner

Chris Terry gets satisfaction from solving patients’ barriers to care long before they become real problems

By Jill Clendening

“Chris’s dedication not only kept the patient from having a potentially bad outcome, but also demonstrates the type of customer service our patients should expect from VUMC.”

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Employee Spotlight

VUMC Valentines: They met at employee orientation, the proposal was in Langford Auditorium, the wedding is set for next year

By Jill Clendening

Camille Allison and Tyler Deresky didn't learn much about policy or parking permits, but orientation was the start of something beautiful

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