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First person

A memoir of the COVID years: a Vanderbilt ICU nurse remembers patients who died, families who wept, and discovers the importance of hearing “thank you” and caring for herself

By Rebecca Tucci

"I realized that my mechanism of avoiding and ignoring death in the workplace had taken its toll on me."

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Employee Spotlight

COVID unit nurse speaks from the heart about the impact of the disease and the importance of masking

By Matt Batcheldor

At the mayor's press conference Cody Hamilton told of the toll COVID takes on those who have the disease, and those who care for them

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Employee Spotlight

Hardship Fund helps employees with unexpected expenses

By Tom Wilemon

Hardships may include an illness or accident, burial expenses after the death of a family member or relocation costs after being displaced from affordable housing.

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Curious VUMC

What does VUMC drive?

By Wayne Wood

“Will the owner of a black Honda Accord please report to the parking lot—hey, where’s everybody going?”

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