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Weather Report

Winter storm brings snowy vistas to VUMC

Photographs by Donn Jones

by February 22, 2021

A weeklong winter storm brought frigid temperatures, frozen rain, sleet, and finally about five inches of snow to Nashville last week. The Medical Center dealt with issues typical to a major Nashville snow — cancelled appointments, sledding injuries in the Emergency Department, difficult commutes for employees, and some employees choosing to shelter in provided areas at VUMC rather than drive home. The dedication of thousands of VUMC employees allowed the Medical Center to continue to serve its patients and community even in this time of storm and pandemic.

At the same time, beautiful winter scenes abounded. Here are a few of the images Medical Center photographer Donn Jones captured.

Diligent work by employees cleared a path for other employees to walk.

Medical Center North always looks better with a blanket of snow outside.

Getting from building to building was a brisk enterprise, as even daylight temperatures didn’t rise above freezing most of the week.

VUMC veterans know that the Plaza can be extra chilly when the wind comes sweeping between the buildings.

Many years ago somebody decided that evergreen shrubbery would be a good choice for part of the VUMC campus. When snow falls, everyone benefits from the beauty of that choice.

An anonymous employee crafted a tiny snowman to keep watch.

Still, there were reminders that soon spring will come, with warm days suitable for bike rides and enjoying lunch outside in the sun.

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