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Photos capture October sunrise over VUMC

At a Medical Center that never sleeps, another new day dawns

by October 15, 2021

Photos by Susan Urmy

Editor’s note: If your shift at VUMC has you working the hours around sunrise, you are probably too busy to get outside and appreciate the coming dawn.

If you work daylight hours or in the evening, you are away from campus and don’t see the transition from night to morning as it spreads across the canyons of the Medical Center.

In either case, you’re missing something beautiful.

As the sun rose over the VUMC main campus on a recent October morning, News and Communications photographer Susan Urmy captured some images that show us what we’re missing.

A lone shuttle leaves the circle outside Medical Center North in the predawn light.

In this view from the roof of the 25th Avenue Garage, outlined by the soon-to-be rising sun the silhouette of Medical Center buildings stretches from Medical Research Building IV on the left to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital on the right.

Low clouds parallel the horizon as the sun peeks into view.

A fall display on the Medical Center Plaza catches the dawn’s early light.

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