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Tag: Continuing Medical Education

Tales of VUMC Past

Harold Jordan, VUMC’s first Black resident, arrived on campus 56 years ago. He looks back on a very different time at the Medical Center.

By Wayne Wood

The pioneering physician recalls the summer of 1964, the support of his colleagues and the challenges he faced

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VUMC in the Community

Avid runner founds “Gynecologists for Hire” to participate in Shade Tree Trot

By Jessica Pasley

Ob/Gyn fellow Cynthia Arvizo witnessed firsthand the good that Shade Tree Clinic does — so she formed a running team to raise funds

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Employee Spotlight

Bill and Genie met at VUMC in 1983. The proposal was at Kroger. A wedding ring fell over a cliff. They are still in love.

By Tavia Smith

“She was really sweet and 34 years later, she’s still just as sweet,” Bill says. “It was meant to be,” Genie adds.

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VUMC in the Community

When their native Puerto Rico was devastated by hurricanes, these VUMC resident physicians stepped up

By Nancy Humphrey

“We are humbled by the heartfelt love we received from the entire Vanderbilt community"

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First person

VUMC resident Arissa Young went to Stockholm to see her father accept a Nobel prize. Here’s her account of that whirlwind weekend.

By Arissa Young

"I’m filled with pride. My sister and mother and I don’t need a medal to tell us Dad’s a genius. We’re just very proud that he’s being honored the way we always knew he deserved to be."

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Unsung hero

Hidden Figure

By Wayne Wood

In 1964, with little fanfare, Harold Jordan, M.D., became the first African-American resident physician at Vanderbilt. Looking back to that time, he recalls the support of his colleagues and the challenges he faced.

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